Top Finishes: Fight Island 2020

38 thoughts on “Top Finishes: Fight Island 2020

  1. wait HOLY SHIT HELP, can someone please explain something to me. i dont know a whole lot about UFC and just watch for fun, so that Ariane Lipski girl that literally ripped her opponents knee apart at 2:57… like is that not frowned upon to completely fuck up someone's shit like that like in other sports? Was that her like only option bc the other girl didn't tap? or did she rip her knee apart after she tapped just for fun? like WTF??? I guess to me that was pretty fucked up, but i guess i don't really know the culture in UFC. Idk it was just super jarring to me that more ppl weren't like mad and upset and didnt freak out more????

  2. Hopefully soon everyone will do the shooshing finger. Boy I'll tell you what that shooshing finger is really starting to catch on. You beat someone up, and then you shoosh people


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