Men of Honor (3/3) Movie CLIP – 12 Steps (2000) HD

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50 thoughts on “Men of Honor (3/3) Movie CLIP – 12 Steps (2000) HD

  1. "A Navy diver is not a fighting man, he is a salvage expert." That thought concept needs to be applied in the USAF toward the warrior airman ethos. "A aircraft mechanic is not a fighting man, he or she is a technical expert."

  2. This scene is very encouraging for those of us who have and still work to overcome physical, mental or other bodily obstacles to reach a goal that others say is impossible.

  3. this house God people is Forged, sometime aint no one looking, aside from the heavens, I was blue in a pool but I look pink pre pressure tested, thank you Joyce

  4. We're made think the meanest things in life are good for us. We never learn anything but how to push ourselves until it cripples what we wanted in life, we believe in people that drive us over the edge, only for what they want. We stand alone and cry for people that we're not allowed to see and why do we do all this because we're not taught all the important lessons in life first and we don't realize what we haven't got until we find ourselves crying for a heartbreaking cos it doesn't have time left to do what we wanted and be kind to all the people we love.

  5. I was working out at a gym on the naval base at Little Creek, VA. There was a master diver there (at least, I assume you don’t wear a T-shirt in a navy gym that says “master diver” on it unless it’s for real). Dude had the biggest legs I’ve ever seen up close. I don’t know how much he was leg pressing, but he had the apparatus fully loaded.

  6. That's racism at its best… Hollywood always praised racism… All these falsely claimed heartwarming movies where they portrait the successful arise of a black in their movie to me is always a easy way to relive their huge controls on the black community… It just makes me sick of my stomach…

  7. This scene hit differently back when I was bedridden and with a knee injury and had to learn how to walk without buckling. Stairs were a nightmare. You never know how precious your legs are until you can't use one and the other strains under the excess work


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