The Silent Explosion – A visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort

“This place is a new place. It is not a traditional place, not a by-product of the past, it is a seed for the future and a source.” Located 100 miles southeast of …


50 thoughts on “The Silent Explosion – A visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort

  1. …………….what a 78 we were living in tree huts behind the ashram…..40 years, and i m surprised its still all there ,and better……its the energyyyyyyyy

  2. OSHO is really the great personality, his meditation techniques does not make individual happy n energetic only it also makes the relatives and people peaceful around us.

  3. If all people become enlightened, then what would the world be like? Every society, nation, economy, politics will collapse. Who cares about wealth, to get rich, everything will return to primitive times or become anything else? Can someone give me the answer?

  4. Soon I will being there.It was love to a woman that started something inside me.Thinking about Mystick rose.Yes old I am but inside I will find myselfe as responsibility to mankind.

  5. heaven on earth…essy jagah nahi dekhi kabhi….lekin inke charge s jaroor aam aadmi afford nahi kar sakta….enrtycharge galat hai..

  6. Wow!!! One of my biggest dreams is to visit India and go to visit this place!!! Thank you Osho for been here sharing your wisdom love and light with us, We love you!!! ❤❤❤🌟🌟🌟

  7. It looks beautiful but how expensive is it?
    If one does not have the resources to go and enjoy it. Let’s try to make our homes as beautiful as we can and let’s try dancing as much as we can and listening to beautiful music and laugh, laugh and laugh. Let’s be participants of life🙏🏼❤️🥰love OSHO!

  8. 🙏🤗🌹😊 👌👌👌😇🙏 fast to i love osho 🙏😇 me unhe apna guru man chuki hu so i miss him but unhone hamare liye yani jo bhi khud tk ya god tk pahuchna chahe to mere Satguru ne sampurn naksha with tino rasto ka gayan diya hai by havaijahaj by samudr ya fir onthe rod wha mere jaan osho sacha pyar to aap hi karte the khud se bhi god se bhi or humse bhi me jarur aa rahi hu plz thoda wait lokdwon hai n khulte hi i will come fast🙏

  9. I love this blissful temple of peace immensely and profoundly. Thank you very much for such an endearing, insightful, heart-warming video. Hope to visit soon.

  10. love Osho and his ideology of living full of freedom and conscious. But I think sadhguru is selling Osho's thought and earning money.

  11. he made people fool……..thats it…..every religion has its way of life( standard life procedure/teaching how to spend life) ….but here in osho ashram no religion……just you can enjoy animal/jungle life……..

  12. Honestly, Heaven on earth created by the Master of the masters OSHO and his beautiful angels so splendid and energetic place. Thanks for the upload and stay blessed dear. ..


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